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Hi. I am a copenhagen based art director and graphic designer specializing in visual identity and cross media implementation

I work with everything from large scale projects to small layout assignments. I have a strategic approach to playful creativity and i take pride in all the work that I do. To me, it’s all about the relationship between the smallest detail and the big picture.My main bla bla is - so my clients brand dna is strong in alle touch points.

I believe in strong concepts, with simple solutions, beautifully executed.

I have, amongst others, had the pleasure to work with:

Atlas magazine, AYM, Braulein, Barcelona Specs, CBS, Center for Social økonomi,  Cover,  Copenhagen Specs, Copenhagen Co’creation, DAC — Dansk arkitektur center, Danske Bank, Dell, Ease, Fake Diamond Record, Fleye Copenhagen, Froks, Ganni, Gehl Architects, Iternum Digital, Jabra, Kopenhagen Contemporary, KHR Arkitekter, Landbrug og Fødevare, Rawfood, Real Dania, Roskilde festival, Stina Nordenstam, Trentemøller, Time to design, Twenty/Twenty, Universal music, Vs. magazine, Væksthus for ledelse, Zentropa

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